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Flat-share for seniors

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Finding an individually suitable form of care and living is enormously important for seniors. Especially with increasing care levels, the search for the optimal solution often proves to be difficult. A relatively new development in the care market is the so-called senior flat-shares, a form of living which we also offer in our wohnvoll villages.

 In this article, we want to explain what exactly senior flat-shares are, and what makes wohnvoll special in this regard.

 What is a senior flat-share?

The flat-share bridges the gap between less care-intensive, traditional assisted living and stationary care that targets seniors with higher care levels. Unlike with daycare facilities, residents are continuously cared for here, and can live with other seniors in a well-connected community while receiving competent care even with higher care needs.

 Living together and room use is structured like in a traditional flat share: residents have their own flat share room as a private retreat, while common areas, kitchens and bathrooms are shared by the flat share. The care-dependent are involved in daily tasks as far as possible, accompanied by caregivers who also coordinate household, care, and any group activities. This allows seniors to continue to live as independently as possible, benefit from a lively community, and receive all necessary care services.

 The flat-shares at wohnvoll

Our senior flat-shares offer a good opportunity to benefit from the lively community in our wohnvoll villages - even with a higher care level. Through the seamless integration of the care communities into the rest of the village, our residents have access to the full range of our in-house ambulatory care services around the clock.

 Our flat-shares give residents the opportunity to design their lives in a self-determined way - with the security of receiving care support in all cases. The community is designed so that even with higher care levels, quality care can be guaranteed. With the constant presence of a trained caregiver, the safety and well-being of our seniors are ensured around the clock.

 In the wohnvoll villages, we want to create an open, lively society. We aim for an environment in which seniors are encouraged to actively participate in the community, for example through joint excursions or cooking classes with other residents. The care communities have access to all activities and events of assisted living and can also visit the in-house restaurant. This creates a broad network among all residents, where they can also meet up for joint activities.

 In addition, seniors in the communities can also use our specially developed wohnvoll app to communicate with each other, register for events, or book services. Through the app, residents can inform themselves about current events or the daily changing menu in our restaurant, and if necessary, take advantage of our technical assistance. Relatives can also get insights into the daily routine of their loved ones through the app.

 Seniors are accompanied by a trained team of caregivers to provide them with competent care at all times and to actively support them in the planning and implementation of daily activities. Our friendly community managers serve as a central interface for all matters related to the wohnvoll village. For a well-connected community and an inspiring togetherness.

Our locations with senior flat-shares:

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