wohnvoll acquires Magna Care GmbH and continues growth path

Our vision is to provide attractive, affordable living arrangements to all people aged 65 and above, allowing them to lead the lives they desire now and in the future.

3 Sites under construction

We plan to start construction in 3 locations in 2022.

22 Locations secured

Thanks to our access to attractive properties, many more locations are being planned.


60+ Planned locations by 2025

We want to provide the vast majority of the generation 65+ with affordable housing.


Nurses in the team

We have our own care services with more than 30 years of experience and plan to have more than 300 care workers by 2024.

full of

new ideas

We set new standards for senior living of the future

We are finally bringing advances in technology and sustainable architecture to the environments that shape our lives more than any other – our homes.

What makes life worthwhile?

Often, products are designed without a genuine regard for the customer’s point of view. We want to do things differently and truly understand the generation 65+. That's why we visited senior living communities and interviewed over 100 people. Our efforts resulted in a concept perfectly tailored to this generation’s requirements.

App & Services
Food & Beverage
Comfort & Entertainment

Tech-enabled from the start

Our customer-facing and internal applications significantly enhance the quality of life for our residents, greatly improve our employees’ efficiency and work satisfaction, and keep our company at the bleeding edge.

Sustainability in everything we do.

We rely on natural resources and aim to achieve carbon neutrality within the next few years. We also strive for maximum sustainability in our company’s structure and culture. By 2022, we intend to be certified according to the stringent ESG criteria for sustainable investments.

Economies of scale

We already provide an exceptionally high degree of quality at a very reasonable price. And we continue to push the envelope of what is possible in terms of stylish, modern housing that is affordable for most people living in Germany.

Investment profile

wohnvoll is looking for new plots and residential properties to complement the 22 sites secured to date. A total of 100 to 120 sites are to be built by 2026.

Investment profile
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Type Building plots for new construction, existing buildings, demolition plots with or without B-plan, or permissibility according to §34 BauGB (German Building Code)
Size From 5,000 m2 realizable GFA From 2,000 m2 plot size
Macro location Residential and mixed locations in German cities and towns with 10,000 or more inhabitants
Micro location Infrastructure within walking distance, especially stores, restaurants, and doctors within a radius of 500m
Public transport connection within a radius of 500m
Good property condition, flat and with low noise level
Types of use Residential (W) or mixed areas (M)
Areas of interest

Areas of interest

Board of directors

We have extensive knowledge and experience in real estate, health care, and technology. Thanks to our committed investors, we can build on a solid foundation, with properties in top locations, and our in-house care service providers.

Andreas Steyer

Andreas Steyer

Chief Executive Officer

Group Strategy, Development & Acquisition, Capital Markets

25+ years of experience in banks, publicly traded companies, project development and capital markets

Torsten Scholl

Torsten Scholl

Chief Financial Officer

Finance, Investment & Asset Management, Capital Markets

15+ years of experience in the areas of financing, real estate and hospitality

Paolo Nattenmüller

Paolo Nattenmüller

Chief Product Officer

Product, technology, marketing

10+ years of experience in product development, digital business models and technology

Anthony Herzogenberg

Anthony Herzogenberg

Chief Operations Officer

Concept, operations, M&A

10+ years of experience in operations, strategy, healthcare and digital

Supervisory board

Dr. Friedrich Oelrich

Dr. Friedrich Oelrich

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

30+ years of experience in banking and finance as well as marketing and controlling

Michael Tockweiler

Michael Tockweiler

Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board

20+ years of experience in corporate management as well as project development, especially in companies of the real estate industry as well as strategic business relations

Marcus Schneider

Marcus Schneider

Member of the Supervisory Board

30+ years of experience and expertise in Global Corporate Management with a focus on Finance, Marketing and Strategic Management

Walter Groll

Walter Groll

Member of the Supervisory Board

30+ years of experience in the banking and financing sector, with special expertise in Capital Markets & Treasury

Anni Hönicke

Anni Hönicke

Member of the Supervisory Board

40+ years of experience in Global Business Administration as well as in Real Estate and Banking & Lending

At wohnvoll, we have a unique starting position: thanks to our significant platform, we can realize our social ambitions under the best possible conditions. So, if you genuinely want to make a difference, you’ve come to the right place.

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