New wohnvoll village in Höhr-Grenzhausen

wohnvoll contributes to addressing one of society's most pressing challenges: providing high quality and affordable housing for the growing number of individuals aged 65 and above. A genuine alternative to traditional nursing homes or an isolated life at home.

Why work at Wohnvoll?

If you genuinely want to make a difference, then wohnvoll is the place for you. We are fortunate enough to stake our social claim on a solid foundation with the help of talented and dedicated individuals from various fields and disciplines.

Social responsibility

We create affordable and sustainable living spaces for those who need it most: individuals aged 65 and above

Unique platform

Thanks to our committed investors, we are well equipped to create real solutions to match our social ambitions.

Interdisciplinary team

We are an incredibly diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in architecture, janitorial services, maintenance, design, and programming.

Entrepreneurial DNA

We combine deep industry expertise with the culture of a young startup: flat hierarchies, quick decision-making processes, and speed.

Our principles

Our approach to care

We're transforming care into a profession you’ll love once again. Join us and look forward to a work environment unlike any other: inspired by new work ideas, aided by cutting-edge technology, and guided by a common goal.

Social good

With wohnvoll, senior citizens can live their lives as they see fit. Self-motivated, active, and meaningful. As a member of the care team, you’re an essential part of that.

Work independently

You’ll work in a flat team that manages its own shift plans. We also host regular team-building events to help strengthen relationships and build team rapport.

The care app

Use technology to reduce bureaucracy: With our app, you can document your work and share it with staff, doctors, and family members. This allows you to devote more time to your client’s well-being.

Reliable shift planning

You can rely on us for shift plans that don’t change at the last minute, fair and transparent remuneration, and regular training.


Looking for a new challenge? As a company with attractive working conditions, we offer our employees jobs with exciting tasks, responsibility and development opportunities. We maintain respect, trust and transparent communication.



We’re just getting started! In 2024, Bergkamen will host the first wohnvoll village. From that point on, we will open six to ten new wohnvoll villages each year. We are already under construction at these sites:

wohnvoll villages