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Day care

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An important cornerstone in the care offered by wohnvoll villages is an integrated day care concept. In this article, we would like to briefly and succinctly explain what effective day care looks like at our facility and what makes wohnvoll special in this regard. 

What is day care? 

Day care is a form of care in which, in contrast to outpatient care, seniors are only cared for during the day outside their own four walls. This not only relieves the burden on family caregivers, but also improves the quality of life for those in need of care and, in many cases, gives them the opportunity to train existing skills or learn new ones. Seniors receive just as comprehensive a range of care in day care as outpatients: from an extensive leisure program with several meals to professional nursing services such as assistance with eating and other daily activities, our guests in day care receive all-round care. 

This provides seniors with a unique opportunity to relieve their relatives during the day, while at the same time socializing and developing in a safe environment. A specific need for care is not a must here - many seniors use the day care services for a stimulating and varied get-together among their peers. Of course, in an environment where trained caregivers are prepared for every eventuality.

Day care at wohnvoll

The wohnvoll day care offer is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the wohnvoll village and thus complements our assisted living and nursing shared apartments. This creates a dynamic, vibrant community where all residents and guests can benefit together from the many opportunities offered by our wohnvoll concept.  

In our day care, everyone is welcome in their diversity. Our professional caregivers are not only highly trained, they also have the latest digital technologies to make processes run more smoothly, allowing them to spend more time caring for our residents and guests.  

By integrating day care into the entire village, a professional network is created as well as a large neighborhood community, where people know each other well and sometimes invite each other to joint activities. Through the connection to the outpatient home care, all resources are utilized to create a happy and self-determined life for our residents and guests.  

At wohnvoll day care, community and quality come first. We actively involve all residents and guests in our daily routine and make sure that people feel well taken care of and live in maximum self-determination. Of course with the appropriate care. 

Our locations with day care

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