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Assisted Living

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In our modern society, the new generation of seniors has a variety of options and services to facilitate and support a life in old age. For this new generation of seniors, it is especially crucial to lead their lives as self-determined as possible according to their own rules, while remaining mentally and physically active.

This is precisely where we come in, by rethinking the care market in Germany and especially the concept of assisted living with our wohnvoll villages.

Assisted living is a central element of wohnvoll village and has been firmly anchored in our concept from the very beginning. In this blog post, we would like to introduce our readers to what assisted living means and what makes our approach so special.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living combines a variety of possible services under one central concept:

Elderly people who do not need care, or only need care to a limited extent, can live self-determined lives in their own homes while receiving all necessary care services on call.

In this form of living, special attention is paid to the independence of the residents. Thus, assisted living is more suitable for people who need individual assistance and are looking for companionship with like-minded people, but can otherwise still live largely independently.

Nevertheless, certain principles usually exist in assisted living. These include barrier-free apartments, a janitor service, good connections to important infrastructure such as public transportation, doctors and supermarkets, and community facilities with an extensive range of leisure activities. In addition, residents often have access to various bookable optional services such as cleaning, laundry service and driving services.

Of course, assisted living takes care of the residents' nursing needs. Here, the focus is on maintaining independence for as long as possible, and the individual services are more supportive in nature. Rarely is the responsible nursing facility directly attached to the facility. For this reason, it is advisable for older people with higher care needs to move into a residential care community, for example.

Assisted living at wohnvoll

In our wohnvoll villages, we strive to bridge the gap between regular assisted living and other, more care-intensive forms of housing.

Because we offer assisted living in addition to residential care communities, and integrated day care, each of our villages is equipped with in-house ambulatory nursing care. Our professional nursing staff can provide residents with around-the-clock nursing care for all their needs, even in their own apartments if necessary.

For us as a social service provider, the theme of community plays a crucial role in our senior living offering. We want to contribute to a lively community in our villages and therefore offer a wide range of leisure and cultural activities for our residents to create a sense of togetherness in an inspiring environment. In our common areas, residents and guests can also meet outside their four walls for joint activities.

As the "social souls" of the house, our community managers are the links between all areas of wohnvoll villages and are available to residents as central contacts for any questions and requests.

Our residents have direct access to our digital services. They can book various services and participate in various events together. The specially developed resident app facilitates communication between all residents, whether to meet for a coffee or when support is needed. Our seniors can contact our experienced tech help for any tech questions, whether via app or in person through our community managers.

With the help of our digital events calendar, residents can check each day for the latest events and offerings and sign up for them if interested. The daily changing menu of our wohnvoll restaurant is also available in the app at any time. Additionally, relatives can gain insights into the weekly program via the app and can thus see how their loved ones are spending the day.

At wohnvoll, we focus on modern living supported by the latest technology and the highest quality of care. We combine this with a lively community where everyone can feel at home.

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