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wohnvoll brand design wins the German Design Award – Special Mention

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"The brand is inspiring, welcoming, surprising and delightful," was the verdict of the jury of the German Design Council, which honored wohnvoll AG with the German Design Award - Special Mention for the categories "Excellent Communications Design" and "Corporate Identity." The German Brand and Design authority’s award is now in its eleventh year. The authority was established as a foundation in 1953 based on an initiative from the German Bundestag.
wohnvoll AG's brand identity was created by Daniel Albert, Christoph Buettner and Jonas Vogt of Monospace. "Aging is a socially challenging topic. Monospace brought wohnvoll’s vision and soul to life with a lot of empathy and strategic know-how." notes Paolo Nattenmüller, co-founder and CPO of wohnvoll AG.
The designers developed a ‚lifeline‘for wohnvoll’s logo and icons – unifying the messages that bring the brand and its benefits into focus. 
A quote from the design award presentation stated that "natural, warm colors and emotional images transform "wohnvoll" into a lifestyle that makes aging a joy". "We are proud that our brand presence is so exceptional that it has won a German Design Award", highlighted Sebastian Holl, CEO of wohnvoll AG.

About wohnvoll:

wohnvoll AG is a fully integrated and unique social-tech platform aiming to revolutionize the co-living sector. It covers the entire value chain from land acquisition and project development through to operations. wohnvoll AG offers residents additional benefits in hospitality and care services. Our mission is to create spaces of wellbeing for people over 65, with a newly conceived and sustainable form of living enabling residents to enjoy a self-determined life into old age. Using modern technology and Internet-of-Things ("IoT") applications, a unique living experience is being created for residents. At wohnvoll, we are extremely conscious of our corporate responsibility. To that end, the individual and social benefits of wohnvoll villages, which are based on construction sustainability criteria, form the core of the company's purpose. The 22 locations secured to date, have a development potential of around EUR 500 million and, according to current plans, will be successively ready for occupancy and go into operation from 2023. An approximate total of 60 sites are to be built by 2026. Further information can be found at

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