New wohnvoll village in Höhr-Grenzhausen

The Kleehof Quartier combines affordable housing and senior apartments.

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On the approximately 15,000 square meter site in Heidenheim/Schnaitheim, a new neighborhood is emerging that combines affordable housing for families, couples, and singles with service apartments for seniors. On one half of the area, the Aalen-based company Merz Objektbau plans to construct five wooden buildings with a total of 96 apartments featuring balconies or terraces of varying sizes from approximately 35m² to 105m², aiming to provide affordable housing for diverse tenant groups. The other half of the area along Kleebühlweg has been taken over by the Frankfurt-based wohnvoll AG, which is building the wohnvoll village Heidenheim. It will comprise 91 senior-friendly apartments, including some designed for wheelchair-dependent individuals. The wohnvoll villages concept envisions residents having access to a variety of services based on their needs, ranging from cleaning services to care services, while still maintaining their privacy.

Additionally, two care communities with 24 apartments each, spaces for day care, an outpatient service, as well as a restaurant and café are planned. "We want to enable people in our apartments to lead a self-determined life. At the same time, it is important to us that they can easily make connections, including with neighbors," emphasizes Andreas Steyer, CEO of wohnvoll AG.

"We are excited to create a vibrant neighborhood with the Kleehof Quartier, where young and old live together," adds Jannis Merz of Merz Objektbau. The apartments built in the multi-family houses by the project developer will be offered exclusively at regulated prices, resulting in rent levels 40 percent lower than the local comparative rent. This regulation is fixed for 40 years. "This allows a broad section of society access to affordable housing, and we are making a concrete contribution to addressing the housing shortage," emphasizes Markus Bamann, Merz Objektbau.

The company emphasizes a sustainable implementation and plans the buildings as constructive wooden structures contributing to CO2 reduction. Both the apartments and the senior apartments are planned to be constructed according to the KfW Efficiency House 40 standard. The completion of the rental apartments is scheduled for the end of 2025. The wohnvoll AG currently anticipates starting construction at the end of 2024 with completion expected in early 2026.