New wohnvoll village in Höhr-Grenzhausen

Welcome to the wohnvoll village: A new era of living in Michelbach near Schwäbisch Hall.

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At wohnvoll AG, we have exciting news to share! With great enthusiasm, we are announcing the wohnvoll village in Michelbach near Schwäbisch Hall. This innovative housing concept will be realized on a generous 16,500 square meter site.

In the first phase of construction, our focus is on the realization of 103 high-quality serviced apartments and 24 nursing rooms, which will be housed in a cozy nursing home community. Our goal is to create a holistic living and care environment at the location. This includes areas for medical practices and a pharmacy to ensure healthcare is available directly on-site. Additionally, the village will feature a publicly accessible café with an attached bakery to complement the gastronomy in Michelbach.

The wohnvoll village is more than just a construction project – it is a vision that combines modern living for the 65+ generation with comprehensive services to meet the needs of our residents. We firmly believe that a place that offers both comfort and support is a place where people can feel at home.

This endeavor is not only a commitment to our investors and partners but, above all, to the community of Michelbach and beyond. We are determined to make a positive contribution and create a place that enhances quality of life and promotes a sense of community.

Stay tuned for further updates and join us on this exciting journey of innovation and social commitment!