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wohnvoll plans the dress rehearsal

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wohnvoll is looking for a hotel, a residential building, or an assisted living facility for the dress rehearsal of its concept

The first plots of land have been developed and the first wohnvoll village is scheduled to open next year. But wohnvoll AG is not resting on its laurels and plans to test the service, digital and interior concept in an existing property even before the first of its own new buildings opens, to learn from the experience gained. Specifically, the company is looking for an unused existing property, such as a hotel, a residential building, or an assisted living facility, to convert and reopen in a timely manner as wohnvoll village. "Together with the residents, we will refine and optimize our concept so that we can plan for the needs of our users right from the start and have a perfect template for scaling up to the many projects that follow," notes Paolo Nattenmüller, the Chief Product Officer of wohnvoll AG.

There, offerings will be tested, workflows optimized, and fixtures and materials for furnishings tested. "We need to see what material is suitable for the floors, whether wood is possible there, for example, and how the selection affects the indoor climate," explains Ian Biglands, the managing director of wohnvoll Development GmbH. The findings are then incorporated into the interior design of all wohnvoll villages. "Since we want to equip all of our villages in the same way and use system construction for this purpose, it is particularly important to specify as much as possible in advance. In addition, we save on construction costs with this sustainable method, so we can keep rents within an affordable range," notes Paolo Nattenmüller.

If you have suitable hotel, residential or assisted living portfolio properties corresponding to the purchase profile, please send your offer to:

Download our purchasing profile as a pdf.

About wohnvoll AG:

The wohnvoll AG is a fully integrated and unique social-tech platform in the co-living sector, which covers the entire value chain from property acquisition and project development to the management by renting out living space. In doing so, wohnvoll AG offers residents additional benefits through hospitality services and care services. The mission of wohnvoll AG is to create places of well-being for the 65+ generation with a newly conceived and sustainable form of living for a self-determined life into old age. Using innovative technology and Internet-of-Things ("IoT") applications, a unique living experience is to be created for the residents. Aware and conscious of our corporate responsibility, the individual and social benefits of wohnvoll villages, based on sustainability criteria in construction, form the core of the company's purpose. The 22 locations secured to date have a development volume of around EUR 500 million and, according to current planning, will be successively ready for occupancy and go into operation from 2023. A total of 100 to 120 sites are expected to be built by 2026. 
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